Tight end prospect Chico Holt has been busy this spring taking visits and getting to know colleges as he prepares to dive back into his offseason work. His travels have helped him feel out the process while new schools continue to express interest and join the race for his commitment with offers.

He’s picked up a handful of offers over the last couple weeks as spring practice gets underway. Cal, Washington State, Michigan State, Duke, Army and Air Force have all recently opted to offer the 6-foot-5 tight end from Houston.

The junior at Strake Jesuit made several visits in recent weeks with Michigan State being the last school to host him on campus. He also made the trip to Northwestern earlier in the month. Houston and Kansas are a couple other programs that have had Holt out for visits.

Being able to see schools in person and meet with coaches has allowed Holt to have some added perspective on the process as a whole.

“You learn a lot every time you go to one of these colleges,” he said. “You learn a lot about the culture, how the head coach runs things, and I definitely like the facilities. The strength staff is always kind of a big highlight for me. I love seeing how these guys get their college athletes a lot better, and that’s been pretty interesting.

“It’s just been good to go around and see schools, and basically learn from that. Because even at different schools you’ll learn stuff just about recruiting in general, so that’s been actually really helpful to me too.”

Holt also wrestles at Strake Jesuit, so that took up part of his offseason. However, the big tight end recruit feels like he has made the most of his time since the end of his junior season to improve as a player and make progress with his recruitment.

His attention will now be on working with his team this spring, but he will always have a pulse on what is going on with his recruitment. So, when Cal decided to jump in with an offer last week, he was excited to hear the news from Geep Chryst and the rest of the Bears coaches.