Tedford talks end of spring practice

SAN PABLO, Calif. -- California head coach Jeff Tedford officially confirmed today that the Bears will hold an abbreviated practice on Thursday before finishing off spring football with a full scrimmage on Saturday, during which he said junior quarterback Zach Maynard will take the vast majority of the first-team snaps.
Maynard will be working behind a line which will still be without veterans Mitchell Schwartz and Dominic Galas, but which has made some progress in dealing with the quick-moving and dynamic Cal defense.
"I think the guys with experience are doing a fine job," Tedford said. "Some of the young guys, there's a lot of moving parts in there and a lot of things going on, so they're learning every day. But, some guys are doing some nice things. Playing against our defense, you have so many things coming at you, so many different looks and so many different things coming at you, but it's a great learning experience."
The offense itself has also been a work-in-progress throughout the spring, what with three different QBs splitting the lion's share of the reps. However, in recent practices, Maynard has seemingly pulled away.
"(It's) making progress," Tedford said. "Some of the backup linemen are still figuring it out, but they're making a lot of progress. It's been very productive. Spring ball has been good. We've installed a lot of things and we get to go against a defense that does a lot of things. They get a lot of looks."
Redshirt sophomore Mark Brazinski has taken all of the first-team reps, while redshirt freshman Chris Adcock has acquitted himself quite well with the second team, helmed by senior Brock Mansion. Adcock wore a cast over his left wrist today during practice.
"A couple of weeks ago, he tore the ligaments in his thumb and he'll have to get that fixed after spring ball. Same thumb he had operated on before," Tedford said.
-- Darren Ervin has taken a step back health-wise after seemingly recovering from a sprained ankle.
"He came back for a practice, practiced once and the second practice he came back, he tweaked his ankle again," Tedford said.
-- Linebacker Dan Camporeale and defensive tackle Austin Clark have both made big impressions on Tedford as spring has wound down to a close.
"He's done a nice job, a very nice job and had a nice spring. He will be in the mix," Tedford said of Camporeale. As for Clark? "We'll see. He's had a nice spring. He's done a real nice job in the spring. Sometimes he's not getting blocked, but he's played hard. He's been very impressive. But, we have Tipoti coming back, we have Kendrick Payne coming back, we got Moala, so there's going to be a lot of bodies at that position."
-- 2011 signee Brendon Bigelow was in the house, as was former safety Chris Conte.