Cal Athletics: Statement on COVID-19 Testing
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Statement from Cal Athletics on COVID-19 Testing

Cal Athletics has released a statement on their COVID-19 testing, as the Bears returned athletes to campus last week for voluntary workouts. Cal tested 96 student athletes as a part of their testing protocol, mainly football players, and returned three positive tests for COVID-19

Statement from Cal Athletics:

Cal Athletics has implemented its contact tracing and testing protocols after three student-athletes tested positive for COVID-19. Overall, Cal Athletics has tested 96 student-athletes at University Health Services (UHS) as part of its plan for voluntary outdoor workouts.

Contact tracing is being conducted through UHS Infection Control, Berkeley Public Health and Alameda County Public Health, and Cal Athletics will follow their recommendations for self-isolation, self-quarantine, symptom monitoring and treatment. One of the student-athletes who tested positive has returned to his home outside of the Bay Area.

On June 17, Cal Athletics announced that student-athletes could return to campus in preparation for voluntary outdoor conditioning workouts. No athletic activities have begun, and out of an abundance of caution, the start of workouts has been delayed pending sufficient progress on contact tracing.

Under a comprehensive plan, protocols call for student-athletes to self-quarantine in their residences upon arrival and undergo testing for both past and current infection of COVID-19. If a student-athlete is clear and has no active infection, the next step is to receive a pre-participation physical and medical clearance. Voluntary workouts and physical activity may begin after receiving clearance.

Prior to returning to campus, all student-athletes and staff must complete mandatory educational training, which includes information on COVID-19 signs, symptoms, evaluation and testing, as well as infection prevention and control. This is in addition to any university-required training and is specific to athletic activities.

Cal had started to set up for voluntary workouts earlier today on Maxwell Field next to Memorial Stadium. Those will now be delayed temporarily as they contact-trace from those that have tested positive.

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