Smith talks Cal offer

He's a 6-6 stat-stuffing glue-guy one day and big time scorer the next.
No, we're not talking about current California sophomore Tyrone Wallace, but rather, Las Vegas High's Ray Smith.
The comparison, though, isn't far off.
Like Wallace, Smith is prized for his versatility.
"That's what coaches say they like most about me," the junior told GoldenBearReport on Tuesday. "I can play the one, two, or three."
Cal fans will attest to the value of such attributes, but whereas Wallace arrived on campus with an unpolished jump shot, Smith shares no such shortcoming. The 4-Star recruit shoots it effortlessly and top programs are noticing.
"The newest offer is California," said Smith. "Arizona, Oklahoma State, Arizona State -- those are pretty new, too…[Cal's] Coach Gregg Gottlieb and Travis DeCuire are kind of tag-teaming it. I talk to both of them."
It was just before the New Year that GBR reported seeing Gottlieb at one of Smith's games, and DeCuire stopped by last Tuesday.
Smith doesn't, however, have any visits planned.
"I'm going to wait until my senior year. I'm just trying to get better right now."
Considering he'll be playing his AAU ball for Dream Vision -- a team that includes fellow touted recruits Stephen Zimmerman, Marquese Chriss, and Chase Jeter -- there should be plenty of healthy competition to grow his already-versatile game.