Cal Football: Scholarship Chart for 2021 as of April 13th
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Projected Scholarship Chart for 2021 as of April 13th

Today, we're taking a look at Cal's scholarship distribution moving toward the 2021 season.

Note: This chart does not include super seniors, as Kekoa Crawford, Trevon Clark, Marcel Dancy, Mike Saffell, Valentino Daltoso, Gentle Williams, Kuony Deng, Cameron Goode, Josh Drayden, and Elijah Hicks all do not count against the 85 scholarship count for the 2021 season. Of that group, Saffell, Clark and Hicks still have the ability to have a redshirt season if they choose.

* - denotes player who has used redshirt season

Scholarship Chart
Pos. 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year


Kai Millner

Zach Johnson

Chase Garbers*


Damien Moore

Chris Street

DeCarlos Brooks*

Christopher Brown Jr.


J. Michael Sturdivant

Mavin Anderson

Jeremiah Hunter

Tommy Christakos

Justin Baker

Aidan Lee

Mason Mangum

Nikko Remigio

Monroe Young*


Jermaine Terry

Keleki Latu

Jake Muller

Elijah Mojarro*

Nick Alftin*

Collin Moore*

Jake Tonges*

Gavin Reinwald*


Ryan Lange

Bastian Swinney

Dylan Jemtegaard

Everett Johnson

Ender Aguilar

McKade Mettauer

Ben Coleman*

Brayden Rohme*

Brian Driscoll*

Will Craig*

Matt Cindric*

Brandon Mello*


Akili Calhoun

Derek Wilkins

Myles Williams

Stanley McKenzie

Ricky Correia

Ethan Saunders

Jaedon Roberts

Brett Johnson

JH Tevis*

Aaron Maldonado*



Ieremia Moore

Kaleb Elarms-Orr

Myles Jernigan*

Curley Young*

Orin Patu*

Braxten Croteau

Marqez Bimage+


Femi Oladejo

Nate Rutchena

Muelu Iosefa

Trey Paster

Andy Alfieri

Blake Antzoulatos*

Kyle Smith*

Ryan Puskas*

Evan Tattersall*


Hunter Barth

Kaleb Higgins

Fatuvalu Iosefa

Lu-Magia Hearns

Collin Gamble

Dejuan Butler

Tyson McWilliams

Isaiah Young

Jaylen Martin*

Craig Woodson*

Miles Williams*

Ray Woodie III

Chigozie Anusiem*

Branden Smith*

Daniel Scott*


Slater Zellers

Jamieson Sheahan







+ - Bimage, an outside linebacker transfer from Texas, has not been announced as a part of the roster by Cal at this time. He has been accepted into a masters program at the school and is currently in the student directory. He opted out of the 2020 season at Texas, and has two seasons of eligibility remaining.

^ - DL Gabe Cherry withdrew from the transfer portal today, though it is not clear whether he'll return to the football program at this time. He is still in the student directory as well after opting out of the 2020 season.