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PODCAST: Sandy Barbour joins the Bear Republic Podcast

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Listen to the first hour of this week's edition of the Bear Republic Podcast HERE
Listen to the second hour of this week's edition of the Bear Republic Podcast with Athletic Director Sandy Barbour HERE
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SAN FRANCISCO -- Over the past several weeks, I've been in the right place at the right time to break some big-time news. I've provided some of the most comprehensive and in-depth multimedia coverage of the California football team's fall camp. And hey, if I'm lucky, I maybe got to tug at your heartstrings a bit with features.
Over the 52 previous Bear Republic Podcasts, we've had a World Series hero, we've had future NFL stars, former Cal greats, the irrepressible Mike Silver, game-changing recruits and softball starlets grace us with their presence. What we did last night at The Republic -- 3213 Scott St., San Francisco, on the corner of Scott and Lombard -- goes beyond that.
Yes, in the first hour, we talk both hoops and football recruiting. We break down some of the Bears in the NFL. We pick apart and analyze the offensive depth chart and even share a beer with Oski. But, in our second hour, we are afforded the rare opportunity to interview the University of California Director of Intercollegiate Athletics -- Sandy Barbour herself -- for not just five minutes, not just 10 minutes -- but nearly a full half-hour.
Fresh off of welcoming the over 800 student-athletes back to campus, Barbour talks about everything from whether there will be Top Dog in the new California Memorial Stadium (you bet) and just where to get your favorite brats when the doors open, to the personal ordeals she went through during the course of the stadium renovation, to the success of current and former Bears in the Olympics to -- yes -- even whether or not head coach Jeff Tedford is on the hot seat.
Barbour speaks on the lessons learned from last year's decision to cut five varsity sports and then the subsequent salvation of those sports and addresses just what the launch of the Pac-12 Network means to California athletics.
We then finish off our second hour with a discussion about the defensive and special teams depth chart.
Don't miss a minute of this very special edition of the Bear Republic Podcast!
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