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PODCAST: Recruiting and Holiday Bowl are the topics of discussion

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SAN FRANCISCO -- When it comes to grudge matches, there isn't any bigger for fans of California football than the upcoming Dec. 28 Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl against Texas and head coach Mack Brown.
On this week's podcast, the crew talks about the implications and the history of the much-anticipated match-up between the Bears and the Longhorns, which is arguably the biggest game Cal has played since the 2004 contest in Los Angeles between the Bears and USC.
But, the bowl game isn't the only thing on our mind. This month is a monumental one for the Bears in the recruiting world, with the commitments of offensive tackles Freddie Tagaloa and Christian Okafor, and the bevy of visits by top-level recruits.
If you want the inside dirt on Cal recruiting and want to see what kind of information a premium subscription to on a regular basis, this is the podcast to whet your appetite, as we go over the happenings on the recruiting trail and the official visitors coming to Berkeley for one of the biggest recruiting weekends in the program's history.
You can, of course, take advantage of the limited-time offer for a free 30-day trial subscription, to get the juiciest of juicy scoops, so remember to check that out.
Who are the so-called 'silent' commits? We chime in on that, as well as who may be the next big-time commit to pull the trigger.
Of course, if you want to mix it up with some Texas fans, feel free to do just that on our free message boards.
We also talk a little Cal basketball, and even a little softball in this podcast, so if you're a fan of all things Bears athletics, you'll want to sit back, grab a brewskie and take a listen.
Can't wait 70 days for Cal baseball? We have you covered. During our mid-podcast break, you can re-live the walk-off hit by Devon Rodriguez that helped propel the Bears to their miracle College World Series run. If you're jonesing even more for some bat and ball action, take a look at our rundown of Cal's most recent signing class HERE.
Want to find out just who's coming into town for the big official visit weekends? Our visit list can be found right here.