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PODCAST: Its the final countdown before Signing Day

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SAN FRANCISCO -- One week before National Signing Day, the Bear Republic Podcast has begun to evolve. This week, we've broken up the show into three segments, with the first dealing with the fallout from the California football program's coaching changes, the second previewing the Bears baseball and softball seasons as well as the upcoming Battle of the Bay between Cal and Stanford's men's basketball teams, and the third containing a blow-by-blow, prospect-by-prospect handicapping of the final 2012 football recruiting class.
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The party will start at 6:30 PM at The Republic, at 3213 Scott St., San Francisco.
The first segment of our podcast this week will be the last time that we speak in-depth about the departures of Tosh Lupoi and Eric Kiesau, as Shaw Amirghassemkhany of the Shaw Management group of companies and the proprietor of The Republic, Peter Bauman of Zach Kline's high school training spot California Strength and of course, myself and Robert Kenneth Clampett discuss the finer points of the shockwaves from last week's shake-up.
In our second hour, we talk about the rankings snubs of both the Cal softball team - picked to finish second in the Pac-12 and No. 3/4 in the preseason polls while returning every single player from last year's Women's College World Series squad, along with the now-healthy Valerie Arioto -- and the baseball Bears, who, after finishing fifth in the 2011 Men's College World Series and boasting two preseason All-Americans in Tony Renda and Justin Jones, didn't even make Baseball America's preseason top-25.
We even get into a little bit of rugby talk, as we break down the coaching style of the venerable Jack Clark in our second hour, before turning to Sunday's big clash between the Pac-12 front-runner Cal and the rival Cardinal. Topics include the emergence of Stanford through the early goings, the development of Allen Crabbe and David Kravish and how the Bears have struck gold with cult hero Robert Thurman in the place of now-academically ineligible sophomore big man Richard Solomon.
In our final, longest segment, we spend an hour and a half breaking down the potential members of the 2012 signing class, as the probabilities posted on our Bears Lair forum are put up for debate from all four of our perspectives, each with unique inside knowledge.
How solid is Zach Hoffpauir? Is D.J. Foster coming around? What about this weekend's official visitors: Ukeme Eligwe, Jeffrey Coprich, Jr., Raymond Ford and Corey Coleman?
Want to know the latest prognostications about the destinations of Arik Armstead, five-star wide receiver Stefon Diggs, four-star wide out Jordan Payton and Aziz Shittu? We discuss all that and more in our final segment.
So, sit back, relax, and drink along with us in our final podcast before National Signing Day.