Harvey impresses at NFTC, still solid

The phone calls, the visits, the mail, the interest.
None of it has stopped since Jalen Harvey committed to California.
Washington offered last week. Tennessee, Washington State, and Wisconsin have been in constant contact. Harvey has gone as far as to pencil in official visits to see the Huskies and Vols.
"I haven't signed anything yet, so it's still rolling," Harvey told GoldenBearReport on Sunday at the Oakland NFTC.
His performance Sunday certainly isn't slowing things down. Despite not grabbing MVP honors, or even weirder a ticket to The Opening, Harvey may have been the best wide receiver on the field.
He showed great hands, great burst, was able to get separation at will, and -- with quarterbacks cycling in and out -- was able to adjust to balls and timing.
He looked every bit what the glowing scouting report
says he is.
"I did good, but I was kinda mad I didn't get the reward," Harvey said. "It ain't going to affect me though, I'm just going to work at my craft. I wouldn't say this was a big (camp), just trying to get my feet ready, you know, see what I'm dealing with."
Harvey said he'll trip to both USC and UCLA's camps with El Cerrito teammates Derik Calhoun and Adarius Pickett to "play against them LA boys," as well as the Bears', Nevada's, and San Jose State's.
"As of right now, we're just working," he said. "We've got new recruits coming in from different schools, too."
Harvey said there hasn't been much movement with Calhoun and Pickett, or even really much of a real big push from the 3-star WR.
"People ask me the same question, they're their own man, I can't speak for them. If they play with me I'm gonna love 'em, if they play against me, there's gonna be some problems."
A month after committing to the Bears, Harvey said to play with him it's still going to take a blue and gold jersey.
"As of now, my heart is still at Cal."
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