GoldenBearReport - Going one-on-one with new Cal MBB head coach Mark Fox
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Going one-on-one with new Cal MBB head coach Mark Fox

After holding his introductory press conference, new Cal men’s basketball head coach Mark Fox took the time to talk with about his initial impressions of Berkeley and what type of team he hopes to build. Below is a full transcription.

Q: Talk about your initial impressions of Berkeley and what your first day or two has been like here.

Fox: “It could not have been a more beautiful day than it was yesterday when I landed. I mean it was spectacular and I flew into SFO and so as we came in it was just spectacular. So obviously it has been very busy, but my first impression is that people are willing to help, and the people are hungry to have a good team and a good program. And so my initial impressions have been great.”

Q: I hear you are a defensive minded coach. What is your overall coaching philosophy? What do you bring? What is unique about you as a coach?

Fox: “I want our teams to be complete. I had one year in Nevada where we were top 15 in the country in offensive efficiency and the last couple teams I had were maybe a little bit better defensively because that gave that team the best chance to win. I think I’m complete. I want our teams to be complete where they play well at both ends.”

Q: Have you had any chance yet to watch tape of the team from last year? If you did, any impressions?

Fox: “I’ve watched some. More so of just some of the individuals to get an idea early of what we may be able to do. But again, you need to get in the gym with people and really work with them before you can really make a true evaluation of what their abilities are.”

Q: Your son is playing at Clemson. What has that experience been like for you? What has been like for him to have a dad that’s a coach?

Fox: “Clemson first of all is a tremendous environment. From an athletic and academic standpoint, it is a tremendous situation. And so we’ve been very thankful that Parker’s been able to be there. Obviously as a freshman walk-on, he played in five or six games, but he was able to really, I think impact their team. His teammates loved him. As a parent it was kinda neat to sit in the stands and just cheer for the kids without all the other things that you’re used to have to think about during a game.”

Q: Talk about your family and how they have helped you through this process.

Fox: “Well, I’ve been blessed. My wife understands athletics. So, she’s been very supportive for nearly a quarter of a century to allow me to pursue my dreams and passions. She grew up in Yakima, Washington so she’s excited to be back west and then obviously Parker’s going to be on the other side of the country, but he’s in a great situation and then we have a daughter who’s maybe our number one basketball analyst. She’s going to be a senior in high school, finishing her junior year now and she’s excited about it, too. It’s a new beginning.”