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SAN FRANCISCO -- Donovan Edwards joins The Bear Republic Podcast to talk about all of this week's goings on in the Cal football world, including the departure of Tosh Lupoi and Eric Kiesau, and recruiting. We get some good old stories from his glory days in Berkeley, and some fantastic commentary on current events throughout the entire podcast.
In our first hour, we talk recruiting, and the ramifications of the coaching shuffle in Strawberry Canyon, with some juicy tidbits on some of the Bears' most coveted targets.
In our second hour, we talk more football, but we also get into both men's and women's Cal basketball, baseball and softball. We also get into the scheduling issues facing the Bears, including the move of the Big Game to the middle of the season.
Late in our second hour, we exchange some amusing anecdotes about Steve Marshall, Jim Michalczik, special teams play, and, of course Ken and the rest of the hydrotechs. Edwards gives much love to defensive tackle Austin Clark, as well, and we talk about the reactions of the defensive line to Lupoi's departure.
We also welcome back Danny Freisinger to the group at The Republic, at 3213 Scott St. in San Francisco.
For all the latest on the coaching kerfuffle, check out the links below.
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