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Crawfords Commentary: UDub week

In the ninth installment of Crawford's Commentary this fall, staff writer Ken Crawford gives his thoughts on the upcoming regular season finale against Washington in Seattle later this week. The Bears have won five of their last six games and are hoping to continue that momentum against a dangerous Huskies team.
A key player for Cal this week will be defensive end Tyson Alualu, who leads the team in total sacks and has had a magnificent senior season. Alualu's ability to pressure the quarterback will be crucial this week, especially in regards to defending dynamic Washington quarterback Jake Locker.
Crawford catches up with Alualu to get his thoughts on the UDub contest.
Crawford also includes audio clips from head coach Jeff Tedford, quarterback Kevin Riley and running back Shane Vereen.
List of quotes in order:
Tedford on whether it is good or bad to have a game after the Big Game
Tedford on the break between the season and the bowl game
Tedford on Jahvid Best's status
Tedford on Best's upcoming doctor's visits
Tedford on Washington being back on track
Tedford on Jake Locker
Tedford on Husky Stadium
Tedford on success on the road this year
Tedford on how being a starter has affected Shane Vereen
Tedford on why Vereen can carry the ball 42 times
Tedford on Vereen as a vocal leader
Tedford on weather in Seattle
Tedford on parity in the conference
Tedford on the field goal kicking competition
Tedford on the kickoff competition
Tedford on considering bowl scenarios
Tedford on the team's rebound after the Oregon and USC losses
Riley on Jake Locker
Riley on the team rebound
Riley on Vereen as a starter
Riley on when the team started clicking
Riley on the offensive line play
Riley on watching the Civil War game
Riley on how cold of conditions he's played in
Riley on how he's played in the cold
Riley on how the cold will affect the game
Riley on Washington's defense
Riley on the risk of overlooking Washington
Riley on the '07 Washington game
Alualu on improvement on defensive line
Alualu on rebound after two early losses
Alualu on Washington's improvement
Alualu on Jake Locker
Alualu on being more disciplined against running QB
Alualu on playing in the cold
Alualu on how to contain Jake Locker
Alualu on using their experience against Masoli to improve against Locker
Alualu on importance of finishing strong
Alualu on parity in the Pac-10
Vereen on recovering from 42 carries against Stanford
Vereen on off-week practice
Vereen on attention after Big Game
Vereen on preparing different as a starter
Vereen on how he was able to carry 42 times
Vereen on offensive line play against Stanford
Vereen on getting to 1000 yards
Vereen on getting a chance to replay the Oregon and USC game
Vereen on the Washington game requiring lots of runs again
Vereen on the cold and rainy weather
Vereen on experience playing in cold weather
Vereen on what's at stake this weekend
AUDIO: Crawford's Commentary - Midweek: WASHINGTON
Ken Crawford is a staff writer for BearTerritory. A lifelong Cal football observer, Crawford has covered the Bears since the 2006 season, which included an up close and personal view of the memorable 31-24 victory over Oregon at Autzen Stadium in '07. Crawford will continue to handle Cal football assignments during the 2009 season.