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Crawfords Commentary - Midweek: Maryland

In the third installment of Crawford's Commentary this fall, staff writer Ken Crawford catches up with defensive coordinator Bob Gregory, offensive line coach Steve Marshall and starting quarterback Kevin Riley.
In these interviews, Gregory talks about the team's readiness, preparing against Maryland's defense and speaks a little about the decision to move Mike Mohamed to the outside. Meanwhile, Crawford catches up with Marshall to discuss the challenge of playing a new defense and some of the similarities between Maryland defensive coordinator Don Brown's old and current team.
Also, Riley speaks on preparing for Cal vs. Maryland part II and some of his memories from last year's contest in College Park.
Also, listen to the mid-week press conference interviews with head coach Jeff Tedford, fullback Brian Holley, punter Bryan Anger and wide receiver Marvin Jones.
List of quotes in order:
-Tedford on excitement for the first game
-Tedford on Maryland defense
-Tedford on difficulty of playing against a new defense
-Tedford on challenge of blitzing defense
-Tedford on Maryland offense
-Tedford on team wanting revenge/redemption
-Tedford on starting kicker
-Tedford on receiver development
-Tedford on when Riley developed as a leader
-Tedford on benefit of not having a QB controversy
-Tedford on 7 PM start
-Tedford on difficulty of a late start
-Tedford on benefits of playing at home
-Tedford on rotating offensive linemen
-Tedford on decision to move Mike Mohammed to outside linebacker
-Gregory on team's readiness
-Gregory on Mohamed move
-Gregory on having a year of experience against Maryland
-Gregory on being in the 2nd year of the 3-4
-Marshall on challenge of playing a new defense
-Marshall on making mid-game adjustments
-Marshall on similarity between UMass and Maryland defenses
-Holley on playing against an unknown defense
-Holley on differences to expect between UMass and Maryland defenses
-Holley on how this being a big test for Cal's pass protection
-Holley on enjoying starting the season with a good team
-Holley on blitz packages
-Holley on Maryland loading up the box to prevent the run
-Holley on Riley's new-found confidence
-Holley on being a starter
-Holley on excitement around Jahvid Best
-Holley on legacy of Cal fullbacks
-Holley on playing at 7 PM
-Holley on home field advantage
-Anger on where he's improved
-Anger on his averages in practice
-Anger on snaps from Matt Rios
-Anger on difficulty of playing a position the team never wants to use
-Anger on having to wait to play during game
-Anger on Maryland returners
-Anger on Maryland punter
-Anger on improved punt coverage
-Anger on directional punting
-Anger on place kickers
-Jones on memories of last year
-Jones on Maryland jumping on Cal last year
-Jones on how last year's game affects this year's mood
-Jones on Maryland forcing Cal to pass early
-Jones on new role as a starter
-Jones on practicing against great corners
-Jones on Syd'Quan Thompson
-Jones on Riley's growth as a leader
-Riley on 2nd season as a starter
-Riley on memories of 2008 Maryland game
-Riley on feeling about being named the starter
-Riley on being the starter for a leader
-Riley on the new Maryland defense
-Riley on need for mid-game adjustments
AUDIO: Crawford's Commentary - Midweek: Maryland
Ken Crawford is a staff writer for BearTerritory. A lifelong Cal football observer, Crawford has covered the Bears since the 2006 season, which included an up close and personal view of the memorable 31-24 victory over Oregon at Autzen Stadium in '07. Crawford will continue to handle Cal football assignments during the 2009 season.