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Crawfords Commentary: ASU week

In the seventh installment of Crawford's Commentary this fall, staff writer Ken Crawford catches up with defensive coordinator Bob Gregory, who talks about various issues surrounding the Cal defense such as playing more of the 4-3 set, the play of the defensive backs lately and a heads-up on some young guys who might see the field a little more as the season progresses.
Crawford also catches up with freshman running back Covaughn DeBoskie-Johnson, who in mop duty this season has been tremendous with the ball in his hands. DeBoskie is a Chandler (Ariz.) native and will be returning home for the first time in his collegiate career when the Bears travel to the desert 12:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon to tangle with Arizona State in Tempe.
Also, check out additional interviews with head coach Jeff Tedford, quarterback Kevin Riley, offensive tackle Mike Tepper, linebacker Mike Mohamed, wide receiver Jeremy Ross and long snapper Matt Rios.
List of quotes in order:
Tedford on ASU's run defense
Tedford on importance of patience in running game
Tedford on telling players about that patience
Tedford on Riley's recent improvements
Tedford on protecting Riley against ASU
Tedford on ASU QB Sullivan
Tedford on what makes ASU's defense good
Tedford on why the O-Line is protecting better
Tedford on how Cal's secondary will match up against ASU's receivers
Tedford on Syd'Quan Thompson's health
Tedford on Derrick Hill's health
Tedford on using what Stanford did against ASU
Tedford on the receivers progressing
Tedford on the return game becoming a weapon
Tedford on Ross's punt return for a touchdown
Tedford on changes to travel routine
Tedford on not having many close games so far
Tedford on end of first half scores by recent opponents
Gregory on playing a 4-3 a few times against WSU
Gregory on Pac-10 teams getting more comfortable with the 3-4
Gregory on late 2nd quarter scores on Bears
Gregory on whether fatigue is a factor
Gregory on Syd'Quan Thompson's health
Gregory on other DB's who have been impressing
Gregory on young guys who will be seeing more time
Gregory on ASU's strengths and how they'll attack Cal
Riley on ASU's defense
Riley on taking encouragement from Stanford doing well against ASU
Riley on ASU's blitzing to hurry the QB
Riley on the wide receivers
Riley on ASU's ability to force interceptions
Riley on being more patient against ASU
Riley on playing a team in the middle of the Pac-10
Riley on playing in the heat
Riley on his beard
Riley on success on the road
Riley on crowd noise at ASU
Tepper on ASU's run defense
Tepper on duplicating Stanford's performance against ASU
Tepper on catching the ball in a "tackle eligible" formation
Tepper on the importance of this game
Tepper on match up against ASU telling more about this team
Tepper on the game being a tight one
Tepper on how to beat their fast and physical team
Tepper on running game
Tepper on ASU's crowd and fans
Tepper on day games versus night games
Tepper on sticking to the running game
Tepper on establishing the run
Tepper on blocking opening up the big runs
Tepper on how the offensive line has played thus far
Tepper on value of experience
Tepper on cohesion on offensive line
Tepper on importance of lack of injuries
Mohamed on importance of this game
Mohamed on there being doubt about how good Cal is
Mohamed on playing with a comfortable lead
Mohamed on blitzing with the lead
Mohamed on comparing Cal's defense to ASU's
Mohamed on ASU's offense
Mohamed on concern for weaknesses recently
Mohamed on comparing this year's defense to last year's
Mohamed on opponent comfort with 3-4 defense
Mohamed on handful of 4-3 plays last week
Mohamed on how things change for linebackers in 3-4 vs. 4-3
Ross on rebounding from 2 losses
Ross on facing the middle of the Pac-10 teams
Ross on how wide receivers can help loosen up running game
Ross on passing game loosening up the running game
Ross on punt return for a touchdown affecting opponent's gameplan
Jordan on going home for game
Jordan on in-family rivalry regarding ASU
Jordan on ASU's recruiting of him
Jordan on family at the game
Rios on rating his rookie season
Rios on going home to his AZ high school coach to practicing long snapping
Rios on family coming to the game
Rios on ASU not recruiting him
Rios on not being an ASU or Arizona fan growing up
Rios on going to Sun Devil stadium growing up
DeBoskie on going home to Arizona
DeBoskie on picking Cal over ASU
DeBoskie on family at the game
DeBoskie on talking with other AZ natives
DeBoskie on going to ASU games growing up
DeBoskie on ASU
DeBoskie on his performance to date
DeBoskie on what he needs to work on
DeBoskie on getting carries against ASU
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Ken Crawford is a staff writer for BearTerritory. A lifelong Cal football observer, Crawford has covered the Bears since the 2006 season, which included an up close and personal view of the memorable 31-24 victory over Oregon at Autzen Stadium in '07. Crawford will continue to handle Cal football assignments during the 2009 season.