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Crawfords Commentary: Arizona week

In the eighth installment of Crawford's Commentary this fall, staff writer Ken Crawford gives his thoughts on the status of the Bears and some of the things that fans should expect for this Saturday when Cal tangles with Arizona in the home-finale of the 2009 season. With that comes the final game at Memorial Stadium for several of the Cal seniors, including offensive tackle Mike Tepper, linebacker Eddie Young and fullback Brian Holley.
Crawford gives his weekly thoughts and also includes interviews with head coach Jeff Tedford and the aforementioned three seniors.
List of quotes in order:
Tedford on Jahvid Best's status
Tedford on when Best will return
Tedford on how Best is recovering
Tedford on when he last talked to Best
Tedford on Cal's concussion protocol
Tedford on his 2nd concusion not being related to the first
Tedford on Shane Vereen taking over the starting role
Tedford on lingering affect of Best's injury on the team
Tedford on the hit that launched Best that high in the air
Tedford on momentum lost due to Best's injury
Tedford on the offensive line
Tedford on youth of offensive line
Tedford on pass defense breakdowns
Tedford on Arizona only giving up 4 sacks all season
Tedford on Arizona's team speed
Tedford on Arizona's resurgence
Tedford on Covaughn DeBoskie-Johnson
Tedford on what the team loses without Best
Tedford on injured players coming back
Tedford on playing Arizona in Berkeley
Tepper on coming down the tunnel for the final time
Tepper on why he's ready to be done
Tepper on Jahvid Best and the morale of the team
Tepper on finishing blocks
Tepper on confidence being shaken
Tepper on Matt Summers-Gavin
Tepper on not going to see Best
Tepper on what the impact of Best returning to see the team
Tepper on Best's personality
Tepper on Best's sacrifice for the team
Tepper on momentum lost when Best went down
Tepper on OSU's taking a knee
Young on coming down the tunnel for the final time
Young on discussions between seniors on last home game
Young on special aspects of being a Berkeley native
Young on not coming to games as a kid
Young on mood in the locker room
Young on confidence in team
Young on Arizona's ability to avoid sacks
Young on frustration of lossing
Young on Best coming back
Young on Best's injury taking an emotional toll on the team
Holley on coming down the tunnel for the final time
Holley on impact of Best's injury on team
Holley on the comfort of knowing Best will be OK
Holley on what is needed to improve the running game
Holley on why there are execution errors this late in the season
Holley on being the 2nd teammate to reach Best after injury
Holley on how witnessing injury affected his play
Holley on what it will be like to see Best
Holley on Best sitting out the rest of the season
Holley on how Best's effort affects the team
Holley on confidence in the team
Holley on thinking about what's at stake in last 3 games
Holley on what teams that have beat Cal have been doing to win
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Ken Crawford is a staff writer for BearTerritory. A lifelong Cal football observer, Crawford has covered the Bears since the 2006 season, which included an up close and personal view of the memorable 31-24 victory over Oregon at Autzen Stadium in '07. Crawford will continue to handle Cal football assignments during the 2009 season.