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Crawfords Commentary

One of our newest features is proud to present this football season is Crawford's Commentary. Each week, staff writer Ken Crawford will give his take on the comings and goings on the field for the Cal football team.
As the year rolls along, the Podcast will also feature various Bears players, coaches and other guest writers surrounding the Blue & Gold.
In Episode 6, Crawford continues the discussion surrounding Cal's grueling bye week practices, revisits the Colorado State contest last season and talks about the move of tackle Mitchell Schwartz to the left side of the offensive line.
Crawford also includes audio interviews with head coach Jeff Tedford, Kevin Riley, Worrell Williams and Noris Malele.
Lastly, Crawford sits down with redshirt sophomore cornerback Darian Hagan, who has made tremendous strides on the field since he first stepped on campus.
Crawford's Commentary: Episode 6 – (Getting ready for Colorado State)
List of quotes:
Tedford on running back injuries
Tedford on Colorado State
Tedford on Colorado State's defense
Tedford on Colorado State's running backs
Tedford on Colorado State's passing game
Tedford on rebounding from Maryland in practice
Tedford on lowered expectations
Tedford on wide receiver's gaining confidence
Tedford on offensive line and teamwork
Tedford on Darian Hagan's improvement since last year
Tedford on Tyson Alualu
Tedford on 'carrying torch' for Pac-10 versus Mountain West
Tedford on motivation from Colorado State's past success against Cal
Tedford on coming back home to play
Riley on bye week practice
Riley on getting timing sync'ed up with wide receivers
Riley on difficulty in getting rhythym
Riley on why they fell short against Maryland
Riley on going against 1st team defense and timing
Riley on Mitchell Schwartz
Riley on practicing against 3-4 versus 4-3
Riley on coming back home to play
Williams on bye week practice
Williams on weak Maryland performance
Williams on Colorado State
Williams on faith in coaching staff
Williams on Cal secondary
Williams on Darian Hagan
Williams on rebounding after loss
Williams on hitting hard in bye week
Williams on Tyson Alualu
Williams on Derrick Hill
Melele on Mitchell Schwartz
Melele on Schwartz's maturity
Melele on Schwartz's knowledge
Melele on taking loss and sacks personally
Melele on Tyson Alualu
Melele on Chris Guarnero
Melele on rebounding from loss
Melele on physical bye week
Melele on Colorado State's defense
Melele on playing Colorado State two years in a row
Melele on coming home to play
Hagan on having confidence
Hagan on Colorado State challenge
Hagan on taking last year's performance personally
Hagan on playing behind Conte last year
Hagan on value of bye week
Hagan on Maryland game film
Hagan on difficulty of rebounding
Hagan on competition with Conte
Hagan on things to improve on
Hagan on leaders on the team
Hagan on working with Thompson
Hagan on parallel between him and Thompson at Tennessee
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Ken Crawford is a staff writer for BearTerritory. A lifelong Cal football observer, Crawford covered the Bears during the 2007 season, which included the memorable 31-24 victory over Oregon at Autzen Stadium in Eugene. Crawford will continue to handle Cal football assignments during the 2008 season.