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Crawfords Commentary

One of our newest features is proud to present this football season is Crawford's Commentary. Each week, staff writer Ken Crawford will give his take on the comings and goings on the field for the Cal football team.
As the year rolls along, the Podcast will also feature various Bears players, coaches and other guest writers surrounding the Blue & Gold.
In Episode 11, Crawford sits down with defensive coordinator Bob Gregory, who currently has his unit playing at an extremely high level. Cal leads the country in interceptions (17), is first in the Pac-10 in turnovers forced (22) and ranks third overall in the conference in total defense. Gregory speaks on the positives that came from the Oregon game, breaks down the USC running game and talks about some of the young Bears that have really made an impact this season, including sophomore safety Brett Johnson.
Crawford also includes interviews with head coach Jeff Tedford, linebacker Zack Follett, defensive end Cameron Jordan and kicker Giorgio Tavecchio. Crawford was also in attendance at Tuesday evening's practice and gives his commentary on some of the sticking points from the session.
Crawford's Commentary: Episode 11 – (Showdown in South Central)
List of quotes in order:
Tedford on excitement of playing USC
Tedford on who will start at QB
Tedford on concussion testing of Riley
Tedford on Riley needing to practice by Wednesday to start
Tedford on Sanchez
Tedford on Sanchez being mobile
Tedford on USC defense and turnover battle
Tedford on Oregon State beating USC
Tedford on USC's linebackers
Tedford on Jahvid Best and his brace
Tedford on various player injuries
Tedford on playing well in LA
Tedford on turnover drills paying off
Tedford on where they came up wtih turnover drills
Tedford on what defense must do to win
Tedford on best parts of Oregon win
Tedford on USC being 24-0 in November
Follett on USC game being meaningful
Follett on coming to Cal to beat USC
Follett on Sanchez
Follett on matching USC's defense
Follett on Cal linebackers matching USC's
Follett on 3-4 success
Follett on what he said to offense during Oregon game
Follett on being a leader
Follett on Gregory's coaching skills
Jordan on playing in LA
Jordan on decision to come to Cal to beat USC
Jordan on Sanchez getting good protection
Jordan on comparing USC's line to others
Jordan on Gregory teaching 3-4
Jordan on defense winning games
Jordan on hunger coming from last year's letdown
Jordan on advantage of playing different defense than other teams
Jordan on comments in the trenches
Tavecchio on rainy conditions
Tavecchio on plant foot in wet conditions
Tavecchio on playing at USC
Tavecchio on history versus USC
Tavecchio on getting more comfortable
Tavecchio on playing on natural grass
Tavecchio on competition with Seawright
Tavecchio on Tedford coaching him
Tavecchio on kickoffs
Tavecchio on bad habits when nervous
Gregory on exceeding expectations
Gregory on transition time
Gregory on positive surprises
Gregory on Oregon film
Gregory on areas that need work
Gregory on USC running backs and offense
Gregory on Joe McNight
Gregory on Darian Hagan and Chris Conte
Gregory on Cameron Jordan, Derrick Hill and Brett Johnson
Gregory on next year and youth
Gregory on linebackers graduating and continuing with 3-4
Gregory on success versus pro-set
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Ken Crawford is a staff writer for BearTerritory. A lifelong Cal football observer, Crawford covered the Bears during the 2007 season, which included the memorable 31-24 victory over Oregon at Autzen Stadium in Eugene. Crawford will continue to handle Cal football assignments during the 2008 season.