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Crawfords Commentary

One of our newest features is proud to present this football season is Crawford's Commentary. Each week, staff writer Ken Crawford will give his take on the comings and goings on the field for the Cal football team.
As the year rolls along, the Podcast will also feature various Bears players, coaches and other guest writers surrounding the Blue & Gold.
In Episode 12, Crawford catches up with reserve defensive back Sean Cattouse, who is currently second the Pac-10 in interceptions with three on the season. A native of Chicago, Cattouse took his skills to Cal and has demonstrated the rangy, athletic ability that the Bears' coaching staff praised him for when they were able to sign him in the '07 recruiting class. Cattouse had to sit out the USC contest because of a concussion, but has practiced all week in preparation for Oregon State and says he's good to go.
Crawford also includes interviews with head coach Jeff Tedford, running back Shane Vereen, safety Brett Johnson, offensive guard Mark Boskovich, fullback Will Ta'ufo'ou and wide receiver Nyan Boateng.
Finally, Crawford gives his take on some of the comings and goings during the Tuesday evening practice that Cal conducted in preparation of the big contest against Oregon State Saturday afternoon in Corvallis.
Crawford's Commentary: Episode 12 – (Crucial roadie to Corvallis)
List of quotes in order:
Tedford on playing at Oregon State
Tedford on affect of noise at USC
Tedford on starting QB
Tedford on why Riley will start
Tedford on Riley's last play against OSU
Tedford on why he made QB decision early
Tedford on Riley avoiding pressure against USC
Tedford on OSU's defense
Tedford on OSU's running-back
Tedford on running-back height
Tedford on Riley's percentage of 1st team reps
Tedford on offensive line effort and youth
Tedford on difficulties on road
Tedford on winning at Oregon State
Tedford on Cameron Jordan's strides
Vereen on rebounding from loss
Vereen on offensive line improvement
Vereen on how to kick-start offense
Vereen on what team can still accomplish
Vereen on playing at OSU
Vereen on OSU defense
Vereen on called back touchdown at USC
Johnson on OSU running-back
Johnson on comparing OSU and UA's running-back
Johnson on positives from USC game
Johnson on keys to his improvement
Johnson on comfort level on field
Johnson on Coach Simmons' impact
Johnson on Sean Cattouse
Johnson on what it takes to win on the road
Johnson on lack of success on road
Johnson on what's left to play for
Boskovich on getting experience on O-Line
Boskovich on playing variety of linemen
Boskovich on difficulty of road noise
Boskovich on putting loss behind them
Boskovich on OSU D-Line
Boskovich on how to kick-start offense
Ta'ufo'ou on not dwelling on loss
Ta'ufo'ou on difficulty in rebounding
Ta'ufo'ou on Riley's leadership qualities
Ta'ufo'ou on Riley's emotional characteristic
Ta'ufo'ou on OSU defense
Ta'ufo'ou on Riley and Longshore
Ta'ufo'ou on playing on road
Ta'ufo'ou on playing at OSU
Ta'ufo'ou on his last name pronunciation
Ta'ufo'ou on last trip to OSU
Ta'ufo'ou on what's left to play for
Ta'ufo'ou on young offensive linemen
Boateng on touchdown that was called back
Boateng on the ref call
Boateng on WR core health after vicious hits
Boateng on catching balls after hard hits
Boateng on frustration of passing game not clicking
Boateng on Riley starting decided early
Boateng on redemption from last year
Boateng on Tucker's one-handed catch
Boateng on becoming a reliable target
Boateng on next year's team
Boateng on finishing strong
Boateng on talking to USC's players after game
Boateng on practicing with Mansion
Boateng on Mansion's potential
Boateng on importance of finishing strong
Boateng on OSU's corners bumping at the line
Boateng on play with tipped ball that was intercepted
Cattouse on concussion
Cattouse on being on sideline
Cattouse on how concussion felt
Cattouse on 1st concussion
Cattouse on progress over season
Cattouse on secondary's progress
Cattouse on leaders in secondary
Cattouse on what he looks to leaders for
Cattouse on good secondary game versus USC
Cattouse on difficulty of one side not holding up their end of bargain
Cattouse on things to work on
Cattouse on surprises this season
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Ken Crawford is a staff writer for BearTerritory. A lifelong Cal football observer, Crawford covered the Bears during the 2007 season, which included the memorable 31-24 victory over Oregon at Autzen Stadium in Eugene. Crawford will continue to handle Cal football assignments during the 2008 season.