Cal vs. Wazzu: Game Day Central

Cal's hosts Washington State today at 1 p.m. at Memorial Stadium looking for its first Pac-12 win of the season. Here's any and everything you need for today's game, which'll air on FOX Sports 1.
- First: you're going to want to bookmark THIS LINK. It's the live Game Day thread and it's going to have some pretty big updates regarding Saturday's game (and potentially beyond).
- Marc gives you five things to watch for against Wazzu, and calls for some Sacksual Healing for the Bears.
- John and Grant bring you practice reports from every single practice this week.
- GBR had the scoop on at least one Golden Bear who won't suit up for Cal this week -- or ever again -- senior safety Alex Logan has retired, and Grant has the copy of the letter he sent to the AD and coaching staff.
- They'll also be without DE Chris McCain, who was dismissed from the program on Sunday.
- The over/under is at what???.
- There will be a LOT of St. John Bosco Braves at Saturday's game. Check out the visitor list.
- What's the Game Day injury report
">looking like?
- We now know Jared Goff is going to start for the Bears, but who does Britton Ransford over at our Wazzu sister site think starts for the Cougars?
- Don't be surprised if you run into a few former Cal players today...
- Also, here's the roster and the depth chart.
- Annnnnnd finally: weigh in on our official prediction thread for a chance at some beers!