Cal vs. USC: Game Day Central

It's been 10 years since James Bethea got really, really, really, REALLY pumped up for a USC game. Here's any and everything you could need to get ready for today's game, including previews from GoldenBearReport and USCFootball, practice reports, and a crazy long visitor list for today's 12 p.m. affair with the Trojans, which's set to air on FOX.
- Marc gives you five things to watch for against USC, praises Leonard Williams who...
- ... might not play? True story, it's all in a Q&A exchange Grant did with Ryan Abraham from our pretty awesomely run sister site Also, here's Grant's thoughts on Pendergrast and more.
- John and Grant bring you practice reports from Monday Tuesday and Wednesday this week, plus here's Sonny released an injury report on Thursday.
- Grant has the scoop on a whole BUNCH of visitors headed to Berkeley today.
- Here's the latest on Trey Cheek, who was injured this week during practice.
- Also, here's the roster and the depth chart.
- Annnnnnd finally: weigh in on our official prediction thread for a chance at some beers!