GoldenBearReport - By The Numbers and Social Media Reaction from Cal's 37-3 Win
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By The Numbers and Social Media Reaction from Cal's 37-3 Win

Cal pulled the biggest win of the Justin Wilcox era, and the biggest win the Bears have had in a long while, rank-wise, on a spooky Friday the 13th. Let's go through the numbers:

8: Washington State's ranking coming into the game. Cal hadn't beat a top 10 team since the 2003 USC triple overtime thriller, and they did it in absolutely dominant fashion

9: The number of sacks the Bears had on the evening, with six different defenders getting in on the action, Jordan Kunaszyk led the way with 2.5 sacks, including a monster forced fumble that put the icing on the cake. Many of these sacks came on four man pressure, as the Bears used a number of stunts to free up rushers, including a corner blitz to free Darius Allensworth for his first career sack.

20: Both the number of sacks and the number of turnovers the Bears have forced this season (12 interceptions and 8 fumble recoveries). This is through 7 games

18: The number of sacks and turnovers forced the Bears had last year. Wilcox noted that the two stats they hone in on are turnover margin and explosive plays. While they won the explosive plays (5-4 in favor of the Bears), they exploded the turnover margin, with a 7-0 win in that category. Luke Falk was responsible for six of the turnovers, and it's apparent that the aggressive, opportunistic defense is working for the Bears

102: Rushing yards for Vic Enwere, as the big back from Texas starting breaking free in the 3rd quarter, and he got loose more in the fourth quarter on his way to his 2nd 100+ yard performance in his career. Enwere, who got the majority of the snaps in for Patrick Laird (rumored to be out with a concussion), had been a bit maligned during the year, but he used his size, pushed for extra yards on his touchdown run, and re-earned his 'Spearmint Rhino' nickname.

3: Number of points Wazzu scored

39.7: Number of points Wazzu averaged coming into the game

2008: Last time Cal held an FBS team to 3 points, coincidentally during a matchup with Washington State, where the Bears won 66-3

13: Points scored off the 7 turnovers. It's telling that this game wasn't even more of a blowout, as the Bears only scored off three of the turnovers they forced.

1-3: Washington State's conversions once they got in the red-zone, coming away with a field goal (that was from 52 yards, as they got pushed back by a sack, pass interference, and a tackle for loss). The other two attempts were stymied by interceptions

3: Of the Bears 12 interceptions on the year, only three are from cornerbacks, with Cam Bynum picking up two. Bynum, who was the standout defensive back of the spring and fall, played his zone perfectly on the first INT (cover 2 zone), and made an excellent play to go up for his second one.

5: Number of catches the Bears got from the TE position

7: The number they'd had in the previous six games. Having a target like Gavin Reinwald on all the rollouts helped give Ross Bowers an easy target to go for

95: Receiving yards by Kanawai Noa, who showed why he was sorely missed a week ago. Some guys have a knack, and he has a knack for getting open

272: Points scored in the career of Matt Anderson. The lefty kicker now is in third place in the record books, he passed Jim Breech during the game, and is now behind Duke Morrison, who is in 2nd with 277.

1: Flip touchdown for Ross Bowers. This is not the first time he's done this. He didn't stick the landing this time though.

And now for the Bear Territory chant...

Mike Leach's press conference was memorable, to say the least, as he dressed down his players' performance

Now for the social media reaction to this game: