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2019 Cal basketball commits predict NBA Finals

Stephen Curry taking questions on NBA Finals Media Day
Stephen Curry taking questions on NBA Finals Media Day (Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports)

On Thursday at 6:00 PM PST on ABC, the NBA Finals will tipoff in Toronto, Ontario as the Golden State Warriors do battle with the Toronto Raptors. As the Warriors gun for their third straight NBA championship, we thought it would be fun to get some thoughts from the incoming Cal basketball recruits about which team wins the series and which player will win MVP. Below is a collection of responses from those who were able to get back with us.

“First of all, I’m a huge fan of the Bucks. It’s the only team that gets me excited every time because of Giannis, but since it is down to Warriors-Raptors, I have to go with the Warriors. They will win the series in six games and the Finals MVP will be Steph Curry. They’re playing tremendous basketball without KD right now and I believe that if he returns, they’re going to play even better. They want the three-peat and they just know how to win.” -Dimitrios Klonaras

“I’m gonna go with Toronto because that’s my hometown. Kawhi will win MVP because he’s basically carried them this far. He’s been efficient and consistent, so I believe he’ll be the guy to lead them all the way. I think Raps win in 6-7. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Golden State Warriors, but now that I’ll be attending Cal, I guess I got to favor them a little bit, lol. But the Raps are my choice.”-Joel Brown

“I’m going to go Warriors in five with Step winning his first finals MVP. They’ve just got too much star power and two of the best maybes ever in KD and Boogie. I’d love to see Kawhi win it because of this run the Raptors have made, but I think Golden State has it in the bag.”-D.J. Thorpe

“I believe that if Kevin Durant plays, the Warriors will win in six games and he will be the MVP. If he doesn’t play, it’s Raptors in 7 and Kawhi Leonard is the MVP.”-Kuany Kuany

“I have Golden State winning it in four, unfortunately. I’m not a Golden State fan of course because I’m from Oklahoma and the whole KD situation, lol. If KD is back I say he will be the finals MVP. If not, I got Steph Curry. One reason I think Golden State will win is because they are the better all-around team for sure.”-Lauren Fields

“I predict Golden State in six because I think Golden State is more consistently dominant as a whole team. And the Raptors can answer, but I don’t think it will be enough. I think Steph Curry will get NBA Finals MVP because KD will probably miss a couple games so Steph has to do the job.” -Evelien Lutje Schipholt