2013 hoopster still on the board

Score, rebound, pass, run the break, block shots; Jack Karapetyan can do a little bit of everything.
A 6-7 forward with Middlebrook Prep, Karapetyan is one signature away from becoming a known commodity.
"There's a lot of programs that could use a player like him," Karapetyan's coach, William Middlebrooks told GoldenBearReport recently.
The quintessential stat-stuffer, Karapetyan has been known to lead his squad in scoring one night and then gobble-up rebounds and assists the next.
He's also a strong student at Los Angeles' Cathedral High School, meaning whichever program does offer the sleeper prospect won't have to worry about him qualifying.
"His recruitment got started kind of late because he didn't really play for anyone last summer, but he's playing for the Compton Magic this spring so he'll definitely get noticed," said Middlebrooks. "Once he's seen in the spring, I don't think he'll last more than a week without an offer."
The absence of scholarship offers doesn't mean colleges haven't started to take notice.
"At last check, the schools that seemed most interested were Kansas State, Penn State, UC Irvine, Pepperdine and Davidson," noted Middlebrooks. "I think he's a guy who could play high major but who could also blow-up on the mid-major level because he'd put-up numbers immediately."
For his part, the 2013 hoopster isn't overly concerned with his still yet to be determined landing spot.
"He's smart enough not to jump at the first offer," said Middlebrooks. "He wants to play in a major conference but at the same time, he wants to go somewhere where he's utilized, so it just depends on how the coach is planning to use him."
And though no coaches have pulled the trigger, to see Karapetyan play is to know he won't have to wait much longer.
"He loves basketball," remarked Middlebrooks. "He's a high energy guy who can impact games in many different ways. There's a spot on a lot of rosters for a guy like that."