Texas defensive back Jaylon Braxton is starting to make progress in his recruitment. The 2023 prospect from Lone Star High School in Frisco, Texas has emphasized making progress with his list this spring while also running track. He has refrained from participating much on the seven-on-seven circuit while focusing on improving his speed and figuring out where he will end up next year.

There’s a reason Braxton has more focus than some other recruits. He is going to be an early graduate who arrives on a college campus in January to begin the next phase in his career. Because of that the 6-foot cornerback is already beginning to narrow his options.

He is planning to release his top nine soon, and at this point the group is already mostly set in stone.

A wide range of schools have continued to enter the picture with the four-star recruit with more West Coast schools becoming involved as of late. Braxton has come up with a criteria for figuring out which programs will remain most in play.

“Just the schools that have been in constant communication with me,” he said. ‘Schools that I actually can see myself going to and things like that. I already got that list made, and I’m pretty set on what I got right now.”

SMU and North Texas have recently hosted Braxton for visits, but he is going to kick things into overdrive later this spring. Being able to see the schools most in play will become a big part of his eventual decision, and his early visits have already helped him make sense of the process overall.

“I would say to get on campus is very important, because you get to see where you’re gonna be living and the facilities, how things are run, and just how the coaches are in their environment,” he said. “So that’s a big thing.”

Cal is one of the schools that remains in good position with the Texas cornerback. The coaching staff recently sent him a large batch of handwritten letters proving to Braxton just how serious the Bears are about getting him to Berkeley.

“That means they really want you, I know that for sure,” he said. “Especially if they’re handwritten. That means they really want you, and it was from like every coach.”