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Cal Basketball: Contract Details, Charmin Smith

After the hire of Lindsay Gottlieb by the Cleveland Cavaliers, former assistant Charmin Smith made her way back to Berkeley to take up the head coaching mantle. This morning, a Freedom of Information Act request was completed for the details of Smith's contract, and we have the details.

The Basics

- The contract is a five year deal, stretching from July 1st, 2019 to March 31st, 2024

- Like other Cal head coaches, Smith is paid a base salary and a talent fee. The talent fee is for speaking at booster functions, radio shows, TV appearances, and essentially all the things that modern coaches do.

Smith's base salary is constant at $275,000 a year. Her talent fee is $205,400 a year. Combining those two, Smith's salary is $480,400 a year with those two added together.

The Bonuses

Smith has a couple of bonuses for her signing and her retention, along with performance incentives for athletic and academic success of her team.

- Smith has a one-time hiring bonus of $25,000. If she chooses to leave the program before June 30th of 2020, she has to pay that back in full

- Smith also has two retention bonuses, for making it through March 31st, 2023 and March 31st, 2024. Both are for $50,000

The Performance based bonuses are as follows (granted the team has a four year APR average of 930 or higher):

- Team wins or is co-champions of the Pac-12 in the regular season: $15,000

- Team wins Pac-12 Tournament: $15,000

- Team makes NCAA Tournament: $15,000

- Team makes NCAA Round of 32: $20,000

- Team makes Sweet 16: $25,000

- Team makes Elite 8: $25,000

- Team makes Final Four: $40,000

- Team wins NCAA Championship: $40,000

- Coach is selected as Pac-12 Conference coach of the year: $10,000

- Coach is selected as National Coach of the Year: $20,000

Academic bonuses are as follows

- Team has a 3.0 GPA or higher: $50,000

- Team has between a 3.0 and 2.85 GPA: $40,000

- Team has between a 2.85 and 2.7 GPA: $20,000

- Team has a 990 or greater multi-year APR: $20,000

- Team has an APR between 980-989: $15,000

- Team has an APR between 970-979: $10,000

- Team has an APR between 960-969: $5,000

The Buyouts

This contract has two buyout scenarios, for firing without cause and for Smith leaving for another job before the end of the term.

In both scenarios, the buyout number is the same, if Cal fires Smith without cause, they'll owe 100% of the base salary remaining for the remainder of the term. If Smith leaves for another program before the end of the term, she'll have to pay back 100% of the base salary for the remainder of the term.