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PODCAST: Breaking Down the Bucks

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SAN FRANCISCO -- CBS Sports Pac-12 blogger John Breech joins the crew, as we return to The Republic in the Marina District of San Francisco this week to preview the California football team's 9 AM Pacific clash with No. 12 Ohio State on Saturday, but we don't just stop at that.
For the first 20 minutes of the podcast, we break down last week's 50-31 win over FCS opponent Southern Utah, analyzing the offensive and the defensive performances and extrapolating what they mean for Saturday's interconference match-up.
We look at the performances of the true freshmen, and predict what their experience could mean for the weeks and years ahead.
We then spend about 15 minutes on recruiting, breaking down what the commitments of Jabari Bird and Jordan Mathews mean to Cal, and what impact the football team's performance has on their recruiting efforts.
Finally, we preview the much-anticipated road contest against the Buckeyes, breaking down offensive and defensive match-ups, and finally, making predictions as to the final score.
We didn't get to it in the podcast, but it's official: former Cal baseball catcher Charlie Cutler -- a San Francisco native -- is going to be playing for Team Israel next week in the qualifying round of the World Baseball Classic in Jupiter, Fla., and all the games for the team from the Promised Land in that round are sold out. If Team Israel wins -- and with a healthy stock of American Jews in the Minor Leagues, it's a distinct possibility -- it advances to the full World Baseball Classic in March.
"It's going to be epic," Cutler said via text. "First time ever. It's like a Jewish All-Star team."
Cutler is joined on Team Israel by a former Bears teammate -- infielder Josh Satin. Satin had a cup of coffee in the Major Leagues this season with the New York Mets, but spent much of the year at Triple-A Buffalo, where he hit .286 with 14 home runs, 60 RBI and 25 doubles.
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