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Cameron Jordan opens up on Draft Day

Thursday was a whirlwind for former California defensive end Cameron Jordan, but, with his trademark wit and easygoing personality, he still made a point of talking to local media as night turned into morning in New York City after he was selected No. 24 overall by the New Orleans Saints in the NFL Draft.
"I had an amazing breakfast," Jordan said. "I had a nice egg white omelet, which was awesome, so I started the day out right, did a whole bunch of interviews, did some sightseeing. I went to Madison Square Garden, then checked out a couple different places like the Hard Rock Café. Just figuring out where I was around the city, just sort of getting to know the area, not that I will get to know the area, because I'm going down South, baby."
Jordan was projected to go towards the middle of the first round, so when the picks kept coming without his name being called, he did admit to getting a bit nervous.
"I was thinking that I was going to go somewhere between 16 and 20, so after 20, I was like, 'Uh oh!' I started looking at my agent and saying, 'You lied to me,'" Jordan laughed. "But, he was like, 'Hey, chill, I'm calling everybody, just wait three or more picks.' And, after four picks, I was taken, so it's all good. I'm lucky that I'm going to such a great team."
Jordan was not perturbed at all by the labor unrest in the league, and given that his father Steve Jordan was a 12-year NFL veteran with the Minnesota Vikings, he knows the ups and downs of the labor situation.
"Eventually, there'll be football again, and on that day, I'll be ready," Jordan said.
When the Vikings passed on Jordan with the 12th pick, Jordan said his father wasn't too heartbroken.
"I don't know if he was disappointed or not," Jordan said. "He understands that teams have to go with their needs with the picks that they have. Hopefully the Vikings are OK with that pick."
Being picked later, though, meant that Jordan gets to play for a perennial playoff contender and the 2009 Super Bowl Champions. That more than made up for any frayed nerves.
"For sure. I definitely like to compete," Jordan said. "This is a team that definitely competes every year in the playoffs, so why not be a part of something great?"
Even though the conference call ended at 1:30 AM on the East Coast, Jordan had plenty of energy to give one last sign-off: "Go Bears, and goodnight!"