Cal Football Fall Camp: Day 3 notebook

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Alright, now on to the notebook...
A day after Zach Kline looked poised to seize the starting quarterback job, true freshman Jared Goff turned in his best day of camp Wednesday in Day 3 of Fall Camp.
Goff looked poised throughout, had great pocket presence, made virtually all of the right reads, and didn't throw an interception -- something neither of the other two quarterbacks in the competition could say.
"It was probably Jared's best day," head coach Sonny Dykes said following practice.
And obviously, he hit the trash can.
Kline threw interceptions in defensive back v. wide receiver one-on-ones, in 7-on-7s, and in 11-on-11s. Hinder, meanwhile, threw interceptions in 7s and 11s, plus fumbled a snap in the latter that he recovered and ran backwards an additional 10 yards before being ridden out of bounds by Avery Sebastian.
"I didn't like the interceptions today," Dykes said. "That will be a big part of figuring out who wins the job."
Dykes said right tackle Bill Tyndall, defensive back Alex Logan, and defensive end Brennan Scarlett could all be cleared for some contact next week, the first two probably more likely than the third.
"He's feeling better," Dykes said of Tyndall. "It's just dealing with pain and knowing how to work through it."
With Tyndall out, Dykes said redshirt freshman Steven Moore has started to turn a few heads.
"I've been really impressed with Steven Moore at left, we might give him a shot on the right side. He's done well enough that he's got us thinking."
Bryce Treggs lived in the end zone on Wednesday.
He caught two paydirt balls from 40 yards out -- one jump ball over Cameron Walker and a streak just over the outstretched arms of Kameron Jackson.
He's certainly making a case to be an every down wide receiver.
Jack Austin, meanwhile, is making his case to be, at the very least, a once-in-a-while-down receiver.
"Jack Austin is looking really good," Treggs said. "He's not taking a day off, a rep off -- he's gonna help us."
Expect that help to look something like this:
Freddie Tagaloa was back at practice on Wednesday as a full participant after dealing with an ear infection Monday and rolled ankle Tuesday.
During warm-ups, I kid you not, Barry Sacks danced to "I'm Different" by rapper 2 Chainz. It. Was. Amazing.
Don't be surprised if Khalfani Muhammad gets as many reps as Daniel Lasco this season.
Bryce Treggs Quote of the Day: "Kline's out there doing his thing, showing off some touch. That's something I didn't think he had in Spring."
Sacks told GoldenBearReport following practice that both Marcus Manley and Jacobi Hunter could contribute as interior defensive linemen this season.
"Today, I'm optimistic," Sacks said. "They can contribute. Hunter is slightly ahead of Manley, he's more polished."
And they're not the only ones.
"Gabe King's attitude and effort have increased two-fold," Sacks said. "In his life, he's establishing some consistency. Right now I think he likes football, and that's a really big deal. I think he's at a time where he needs to fulfill his potential."
He continued to show signs on Wednesday -- he turned in a quarterback pressure in 11s that lead to an errant Kline throw, and later made it clear across the field to help blow up a wide receiver screen.
The biggest standout through three though has probably been former defensive end Harrison Wilfley.
He's bigger, he's stronger, and he's wreaking havoc with the second unit.
"I'm very, very impressed with him," Dykes said. "He gained weight, he's stronger, he's more durable. He has a really bright future. I think he's a guy we're going to get a lot out of. His best football will probably come in the middle of the season."
The offensive linemen did some sled work on Wednesday. Or rather, some sled + offensive line coach Zach Yenser work (definitely worth turning the sound on this one)...
2013 Cole Leininger's hang time > 2012 Cole Leininger's hang time.
Cameron Walker blocked a punt on Wednesday and nearly blocked a second.
Darius Allensworth either doesn't look super comfortable playing with a brace, or doesn't look super comfortable with his knee. Drake Whitehurst put him through the ringer on Wednesday.
Catch of the Day: Chris Harper in 11s, one-handed, in the corner of the end zone, from an only-he-can-catch-it ball from Goff.
Awesomest thing to see in person of the Day: Brendan Bigelow caught a jet screen at the opponent's 40-yard-line in 11s, made one Ohio-State-esque cut, and flat out gassed all the way to the end zone untouched. And with pretty much everyone on the sideline going nuts, started jumping up and down screaming: "HEY LET'S GO BABY. UHHHH. LET'S GO. COME ON."
Heeeeeeeee's baaaaaaaack.
Deandre Coleman picked up the Hinder sack, Ikem Okwudiafor had two picks, Damariay Drew had one of his own, as did Cedric Dozier.
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