August 15, 2011

Burrows ready for an encore

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After a huge sophomore season in which he tallied six interceptions, Trotwood (Ohio) Madison product Cameron Burrows is ready for an encore. The 6-foot-1, 195-pound defensive back has had a huge summer on the camp circuit and he is determined to have a huge junior season and to prove that he is worthy of all of the attention that has been heaped upon him this off-season.

"I'm just concentrating on the season right now and getting back on the field," said Burrows. "I'm ready for this first game."

Burrows is one of the top players in Ohio, regardless of class, and he has set some extremely high goals for himself this fall.

"My personal goals are first team all-state at wideout and defensive back," he said.

After coming up as a receiver, Burrows was strictly a defensive back last season for the Rams but that will be changing this season. Burrows says his time at receiver helped mold him into the shutdown corner that he has become.

"I started off as a wideout but my freshman year I had to get stitches in my hand and I couldn't play wide receiver so they put me at DB and I hadn't played wideout since then," he said. "It lets me know all of their techniques and everything that they're going to do, when they're going to break."

Burrows won't be the only talented prospect at Trotwood this fall as the Rams' defense is littered with future division I prospects.

"They make my job real easy," he said. "Everybody else is just doing their job. I don't have to worry about if (his teammates) are going to be there, I trust them. I trust everybody on my team. If they're on the field, they must know what they are doing."

While Burrows hasn't focused too much on recruiting recently, he did take the time to list the schools that are standing out to him at the moment.

"I haven't really been talking to any (college coaches) lately," he said. "I've been busy with two-a-days and stuff so I haven't really had time. Ohio State, LSU, Florida, Alabama, Oregon, Tennessee, and Notre Dame (are the top schools right now). They're all just great schools to me. They play fast and they play physical and they all have great secondaries."

Coach's Take:

After an 11-year pro career, Trotwood-Madison head coach Maurice Douglass knows defensive backs. Douglass weighed in on what Cam Burrows brings to the table.

"His strengths are his recovery speed and is ability to process on the field," Douglass said. "He can diagnose coverages, route combinations, and things like that. He does a real good job of watching film. We'll be watching film and we'll tell him, out of this formation you can expect these three routes so he can really hone in on those routes that he's expecting in each and every package so his ability to process is probably his strong suit but then he also has that big body and that speed to go along with it."

So where exactly does Burrows stack up with the other great players that Douglass has coached during his tenure at Trotwood?

"He's special," Douglass said. "He has an opportunity, when it's all said and done, to probably be the best defensive back that I've had since I've been here. He has size, he has grades, he has recovery speed, he has speed, and probably his strong suit is his ball skills. That's the thing that I think separates him from the rest of the guys right now is his ball skills and you'll see when he's on offense this year."


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