April 24, 2010

No lack of interest despite no commitment to Ohio State

Defensive tackle Kevin McReynolds is one of the bigger names on the recruiting landscape for the class of 2011 and on Saturday afternoon the Washington (D.C.) star had a chance to check out the Buckeyes and came away impressed but did not leave Columbus (Ohio) as a Buckeye.

"I did not commit to Ohio State today but it kind of opened my eyes to what Ohio State has to offer," McReynolds said. "It is a school that I will take a hard look at and hopefully I get a chance to come back (this upcoming season) and check things out again."

The 6-foot-2, 281-pounder holds offers from coast-to-coast and the Buckeyes recently threw their hat in the ring for the St. John's College high school star. Despite some less than ideal weather conditions the trip could not have gone any better for McReynolds.

"I loved it," McReynolds said. "It is a great place and not many places can draw 60-70 thousand people for a spring game. Not many teams can even put 70-thousand in for a regular game and that is huge. That shows you the serious backing that this program has and all of the support."

Ohio State recruiting fans are about as knowledgeable as any recruiting fans in the nation and it is hard for some of the big time prospects not to feel like they are on center stage when they enter the Horseshoe and are quickly identified as potential future Buckeyes.

"It was the support of the fans and I got to sign a couple of autographs and stuff and that is huge for me," McReynolds said. "The fans are really serious about it."

And that impression was strong on McReynolds and there is little doubt that he wants to learn more about Ohio State in the coming months.

"I really plan on coming back here and spending some more time around this area," McReynolds said.

The 17-14 final score was not as exciting as some people had hoped but McReynolds understood why the game could have been played so close to the vest and as a student of the game he could totally respect that decision.

"I felt that they style of their play was a little conservative but I also understand that because the game was nationally televised and you have to expect them to play some conservative football," McReynolds said. "As someone who knows football and respects the game I understand why they did that because they didn't want other people to know their things."

Other schools have made strong impressions on McReynolds as well but the Buckeyes have made their own mark to this point of the recruiting process. Does Kevin see himself fitting in a program like Ohio State if that is where his final decision ultimately takes him?

"It is a program that I know that I could get some playing time my freshman year and it is a program that I could have a chance to succeed in and win some ball games," McReynolds said. "I just love to win games but I can also develop and get a great college education."

But don't look for McReynolds to be making a quick decision in this process. Many people believe he may not make a move until January and McReynolds understands the gravity of a decision like this.

"I don't believe in rushing into a situation with something that big and the level that it is," McReynolds said.

Whoever ends up with McReynolds will be getting a player that can impress on the field and in the classroom.

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