June 28, 2010

A Wall on Defense

Four-star safety Avery Walls is one of the most sought after defensive backs in the nation.

With offers from coast-to-coast Walls has his choice of college destinations.

Here is a Q and A Walls had with CardinalReport.com

Jacob Rayburn: Your current measurements, according to various web sites, are around 5'11", 190 pounds and a 4.5 forty yard dash. Do those numbers sound right to you?
Avery Walls: Yes.

JR: Where are you in the recruiting process?
AW: Within the next two weeks I should cut my list down to about ten.

JR: You have over 30 offers correct?
AW: Yes, I have 32.

JR: Which schools have you managed to visit so far?
AW: I've visited a lot. I think I've made over 20 unofficial visits. The ones I've been to recently over the summer are Tennessee, Northwestern, Michigan, Michigan State and also South Carolina.

JR: Is it still your intention to graduate early?
AW: Yes sir.

JR: Why did you decide that was best for you?
AW: Right now I'm ahead of all my classes so, by the time I finish this first semester, I'll have all my classes done. I think it would be a really good thing to get a jump start ahead in college, just with the work and the academic support that would be provided for me, I think I could get ahead in school. Also, another good thing, I'd be able to participate in spring practice and I also would be adjusted to college life pretty early and just meet a whole bunch of people.

JR: Does your desire to graduate early mean Stanford is no longer in serious consideration?
AW: No they're still in my consideration. I don't know what we'd have to do or anything to work around that. We really don't know how that will play out right now. But, I think they're definitely a school in contention.

JR: Have you talked to Stanford about graduating early?
AW: Right now they said they usually don't take them, but I'll have to go and talk to the admissions office and see how that goes.

JR: Have you been given any indication on how that meeting might go or how admissions might feel about it?
AW: I haven't. I know I need to turn my test scores in, I just took the SAT and ACT, before I talk to admissions or anything. I just want to make sure I have my SAT and ACT scores for when they ask for them.

JR: What type of safety do you consider yourself?
AW: I think I'm more balanced. A lot of people like my speed, also they like my reaction, my football senses and that I'm a big hitter. I'm pretty versatile; I can play corner or safety. I also played linebacker. I think playing linebacker my sophomore year prepared me and helped me this year because I learned how to tackle and I was used to that brutal bruising every down. I think that helped this year, my first year playing defensive back.

JR: Stanford has been recruiting the state of Georgia aggressively since Harbaugh became coach. Does that have any impact on you, knowing there will be other Georgians on the roster and that Stanford already has a verbal from one of the best players in the state in James Vaughters?
AW: I already know James Vaughters personally, and Jamal Patterson, I know him personally. He's from Henry County, which we play every year. They have players that I can relate to and talk to on a personal level just for fun. If I went I went up there I would already have people that are from where I'm from and get to know them better and have a fun time in college.

JR: You visited Stanford in the spring, correct?
AW: Yes.

JR: What were your thoughts on the Cardinal staff and the program in general?
AW: I think it was really good. It seemed like an NFL team, because all the coaches are from the NFL. Thought that was pretty neat. Coach Harbaugh, he's going to push you but he's also going to have fun with it and you're going to have fun with him. I really like Coach Harbaugh and what he's doing with that program.

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