December 18, 2009

Bruins getting closer to Bowl prep

When you UCLA begins practice later this morning at 11:30 AM PM PST, the will begin in earnest their preparation for Temple. It appeared that Kevin Craft took the most reps, followed closely by Richard Brehaut and even Kevin Prince had some reps. The day before, Prince had a few reps, but he had much more on Thursday.

It looks like Jake Dean will get the starting nod against Temple because it is looking that Ryan Taylor's injury will keep him out of the game.

Neuheisel as always met with the media after practice.

Neuheisel: "It was a good practice. You could tell that we're kind of getting ready to do the other stuff, but it got spirited at the end, which is what is what you always want and it gave us another day of really looking at the young players and that is very, very valuable for us to have the day that we had today.

"Friday we will begin the Temple preparation. We have already done it as coaches, but we will start to install as the players and move towards getting our plan in before we leave and then just do a lot of polishing once we get there. We're excited about where things are. We had a great day yesterday going to Lucky Strike and taking the kids bowling and then to the Jay Leno show, which was fun. We're having a good time. It's exciting to be in this situation.

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